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A virtual 12 month group learning program with other SMEs designed to help you gain audited carbon accounts to SECR standards and expert advice to accelerate your business' Net Zero journey

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Immediate Access to Carbon Accounting Software

  • Designed by SMEs for SMEs
  • Cohort of 10 SMEs with quarterly sessions to share learning and progress
  • Carbon training to master the fundamentals of Net Zero
  • CBN Expert Carbon Accountancy Software 12 month subscription 
  • Expert advice to create your carbon benchmark
  • Develop a plan to remove carbon from your business
  • Independent annual SECR compliant report

"Net Zero Nation is a Scottish-based social enterprise created to support the mass mobilisation of carbon removal in SMEs. We started out in January 2021 as the Net Zero Scotland Community, which grew to over 1100 individual and member organisations in 12 months. 

In support of COP26, we ran a two-week hybrid conference for SMEs. We had 769 attendees and 77 speakers. One of our events was part of the Scottish Government's official COP26 program.

We spoke with a lot of SMEs like you. We learned that SMEs want to learn about carbon removal from other SMEs. That's why we created the Net Zero Accelerator."

Gavin Tweedie

Co-founder & Chair; Net Zero Scotland Community

Co-founder & Executive Director; Net Zero Nation

Shared Learning

Learn from other SMEs who are reducing their carbon to discover what's working and not working

Shared Purpose

Collaborate with other like-minded SMEs who understand that what's good for the planet is also good for your business

Shared Progress

Explore how to work alongside other SMEs to  create innovative cost-effective carbon removal solutions


"I am all for every community out there who is striving to make positive action when it comes to reversing damaging environmental impact. When something then becomes 'trendy' for commercial gain it is frustrating to watch the talkers who are definitely not walkers hijack the situation. But I can say the Net Zero Nation team are 100% walkers, they are relentless in their mission to help as many SME's as possible to be more. I cannot wait to see how this Accelerator programme rolls out and helps those who want to do good but need a helping hand!"

Clare Campbell


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Access 12 month group learning program with:

  • Net Zero Fundamentals Training
  • Carbon Accounting Software
  • Independent Audit
  • Expert Advice
  • Monetize Your Net Zero Credentials Training 
  • Peer-led group learning with other SMEs

Pay in Installments

£1,500+vat (£1,800) deposit and 4 monthly x £500+vat (£600)

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£ 3,500+vat (£4,200)

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Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the benefits of group-based approach?

Working with other SMEs allows you to share and learn from each other. This means you can leverage your collective knowledge and identify the best ways of reducing carbon emissions from what is working in real time.

Why do I need to be compliant with SECR Standards?

In 2019 it became mandatory for large companies to report their carbon emissions. This includes the carbon emissions of their supply chain. If you work with larger companies, you become more competitive. It also helps in tender bids too.

Will the Accelerator work for my business?

Yes. The Net Zero Accelerator is designed by SMEs for SMEs. It is a cost-effective, time-efficient and integrated approach to Net Zero that combines One-to-One Expert Advice, Carbon Accounting Software, Independent Auditing within a peer-based learning environment to ensure you have all the help you need to get started on your Net Zero journey.

What if my business doesn't have any carbon emissions?

All business have carbon emissions. You have direct carbon emissions (Scope 1) in any vehicles and boilers your business own. You have indirect emissions (Scope 2) in the electricity and energy you use. You also have the carbon emissions of your entire supply chain (Scope 3) to consider too. This includes employee and business travel.

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